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Our mission is to advocate for ethical practices, quality, and economic viability of licensed providers of home and community supports services in Texas.



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Your State and Federal Voice

TAHC&H is the largest and oldest advocacy organization for home care and hospice in Texas. We maintain a lobby presence in Austin and Washington, D.C., along with a strong Political Action Committee.

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Services and Education

Look to TAHC&H for clinical resources and education on regulatory compliance, innovation, and quality improvement.

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From Our Members...


“We would be lost without TAHC&H. They are our guiding force, our stronghold, the rock behind us.”

-Lucena D., RN, BSN, MS

Medical Insights & Care Unlimited, LP.



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Caring for your health or that of a loved one is the most important decisions you make. Association membership is an indication that the agency is continually informed and actively involved in the home care industry. 



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