Member Benefits

TAHC&H Members get exclusive deals and discounts on many business solutions. Click here to join TAHC&H and take advantage of these benefits today!


Knight CPA Group

Knight CPA Group, a proud TAHC&H Associate Member, is an Austin-based, but completely virtual accounting firm that provides innovative accounting solutions for providers in assisted living, home health, hospice care, and nursing facilities. Members get a special discount!


Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP)

CHAP defines and advances quality home and community-based care through standards, accreditation, certification, and education. TAHC&H members receive up to 50% off the Accreditation/Certification deposit fee.

Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

ACHC is a nationally recognized accreditation organization with CMS deeming authority for Home Health, Hospice, & DMEPOS. Members can take advantage of exclusive $250 discounts towards services. 

Benefit Administration & Human Resources   


Compliance 401K
the Compliance 401k Multiple Employer Program (MEP.) is an aggregated 401(k) Plan program for businesses that allows multiple business owners to offer a retirement plan to employees while reducing the administrative burden, mitigating and transferring fiduciary risks and potentially reducing costs.  TAHC&H Members receive a discounted rate.


First Check Applicant Screening
is a licensed private investigations company that specializes in providing employment screening reports to public & private clients. Customizing every solution to meet the needs of its clients - First Check is committed to offering completely integrated applicant screening tools nationwide. Members get a 35% discount!


TrendHR provides human resource functions, such as administering employee benefits, insurance, payroll, taxes, and numerous other employee related services. TAHC&H Members receive a 10% discount on administrative fees.



Home Care Information Network (HCIN)
atisfy the Texas HCSSA Administrator/Alt. Administrator training online. HCIN & TAHC&H have developed & maintain online training programs of the highest quality. Members receive a 10% discount .


offers quality training to Personal Care Attendant/Aides, Home Health Aides, Nurses  (including CNE's), CNA's, Therapists & Volunteers!  An unlimited number of your staff may take as many courses as needed.  There is no charge for this service it is FREE TO MEMBERS!


LightDuty Pathway
eliminate time loss claims, lower Worker's Comp rates, & simplify the process of organizing safety meetings. Earn & maintain claim free discounts from state & insurance agencies; user reports create employee accountability, & proactively train employees to be safe. 50% off for members.


offers courses that introduce students to home health billing and reimbursement in the home health industry. Courses are designed to help students become familiar with traditional Medicare home health insurance and provide students valuable information on reimbursement methodologies, the principles of medical billing related claim form preparation, submission and processing, as well as legal and regulatory issues.

Insurance - General & Health


Pierson Fendley Insurance
For over 80 years, Pierson & Fendley has provided insurance and risk solutions to individuals and businesses. They can design custom-ized insurance programs tailored to your agency – and TAHC&H Members can receive a 5% discount and a FREE 10 Point Risk Assess-ment to identify ways to improve coverage.


It is no surprise to anyone that the healthcare system we have today is an expensive, fragmented mess and a solution for healthcare is the #1 request members make to TAHC&H. Sedera is a non-insurance cost sharing community that grants you access to quality medical care without the middleman.


Woligo is part of the Cameron Group. We provide Disability Insurance, Medical Insurance (individual and group), Telehealth, Accident Insurance and Life Insurance for self-employed individuals and small businesses.

Employment/Job Posts  


TAHC&H Career Center
One of the most daunting tasks any company has is to find employees and expand their team.  As you probably know...a good employee is hard to find.  So go to the TAHC&H Career Center to search for excellent employees - or to post FREE when looking to fill a position within your agency!  Click here – register a unique agency username and password (different than your TAHC&H un/pw) and start using this free member services today!



PlayMaker Health

PlayMaker Health's data solutions and real-time sales intelligence, delivered through a mobile CRM, combines market data sets, clinical operational metrics, and sales insights, giving agencies the intel they need to optimize referral sources, grow faster, scale smarter and impact more lives.

General Office Administration  


AAA - 24-hour Roadside Assistance
You are covered in any car, SUV or pickup truck, any time, day or night, even if you are not the driver - Just one tow could save you up to $75. Members can join for a discount and as a bonus – you’ll receive a 1st year membership for an eligible family member FREE!


CompanyMileage specializes in reducing mileage reimbursement costs. Their web based solution replaces employee self-reported mileage with point to point mileage calculations reducing mileage costs an average of 25%. Members will benefit from these cost savings services as well as receive a 5% discount!


Members, their employees & their families can enjoy HUGE savings from this awesome Texas based company! Benefits in this offer include the best prices on PCs & tablets. Shop. Save. Enjoy the rewards with 5% back!


You’ll find that Shred-it provides the most secure & efficient confidential information destruction service in the industry. You get a dis-count because you are TAHC&H Member It just makes sense!


UBEO is TAHC&H’s exclusive provider of copier/ printer solutions. They offer equipment solutions including digital multifunction office equipment; printers & facsimiles, scanners & technology solutions that include electronic document mgmt.; fax servers; software & workflow solutions. Sign up for your free analysis & start saving!