Coronavirus (COVID-19)


5/1 OpenTexas-Report

5/1 COVID-19 FAQ with LTCR Alert for HCSSA Screen

4/27 DOJ Fraud Alerts related to COVID-19 

4/10 Recording of COVID-19 FAQs with LTCR for HCSSA Providers Webinar 

4/13 HHS COVID-19: Facemasks & Respirators Questions & Answers 

4/13 HHS COVID FAQ page for HCS and TxHmL


UPDATED 5/8 DSHS Strategies for Healthcare Personnel with Confirmed COVID-19 to Return to Work from Home Isolation

Cares Act Provider Relief Act Fund Fact Sheet

Cares Act Provider Relief Fund Terms and Condition

4/10 HHS Cares Act Provider Relief Fund Webpage 

4/9 HHS PL 20-25 Revised Recommendations for Tuberculosis Screening, Testing, and Treatment of Health Care Personnel

4/9 : Inpatient_Hospice_Emergency_Rules_WEB

4/9: HCSSA Emergency Rules WEB

4/1 CMS COVID-19 Flexibilities Graphic

Updated 4/14 CMS – Home Health Agencies: CMS Flexibilities to Fight COVID-19

3/30 CMS – COVID Provider Burden Relief FAQ’s

4/2 TMHP Provider Enrollment Revalidation Due Dates Extended

4/1 Palmetto GBA –Emergency and Disaster Webpage

3/31 CMS - Hospice: CMS Flexibilities to Fight COVID-19

3/31 Spanish Agency Based In-Home Caregivers Screening Flow Chart

Extensions of Eligibility and Individual Plan of Care Revisions for Individuals in CLASS and DBMD Due to COVID-19

 HHSC COVID Guidance for Community Attendants and Home Caregivers

 CMS Guidance on Prioritization of Survey Activities

 CMS Guidance for HHA Infection Control

 HHS guidance to HCSSA’s PL 20-16

 HHS Guidance on COVID response in Nursing Facilities PL 20-11

 DSHS - Recommendations and Best Practices for Texas businesses that remain open

DSHS - Guidance for Employers and Managers

 HHS and TBON Staffing Resources for LTC Providers

Assisted Living Facility Guidance on COVID-19 Issued by Long-term Care Regulatory HHSC

CMS 1135 Waiver Flexibilities

Palmetto Emergency and Disaster Website

Suspension of Survey Activities

Information Related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 - COVID-19

NAHC regulatory relief letter to CMS

CMS Emergency Declaration Healthcare Providers Fact Sheet…

 Temporary EVV Policies for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

HR Update - Department of Labor Q&A on Fair Labor Standards Act

HR Update – TWC FAQ’s

HR Update – TWC Letter to Employers…

 Palmetto COVID 19 FAQ’s for all provider types


Statement from NAHC on Coronavirus and 2020 Meetings

Statement from NAHC President William Dombi

Guidance & Preparedness

New 5/15 HHS – PAS Survey Tool for Infection Control

NEW 5/1 Helping Residents with Dementia Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

5/1 OSHA Respiratory Protection Training

Click Here To Download COVID-19 & Children: What We Know

HHS guidance on Employee Returning to Work

4/20 Spanish- Guidance for Public Health Home Service Providers.

UPDATED 5/8  Guidance for Public Health Home Service Providers.

 4/8 DSHS – Strategies for Optimizing PPE Supply

UPDATED 4/17 DSHS – COVID-19 Non-Austin Laboratory Testing Algorithm 

UPDATED 4/17 DSHS COVID-19 Testing Algorithm for DSHS Austin Public Health Laboratory

CMS - CLIA Laboratory Guidance During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Updated 4/15! CDC – Guidance on Risk Assessment of Healthcare Personnel with Potential Exposure in a Healthcare Setting

3/31! CDC- Phone Advice Line Guidelines (Screening Script) for Children (2-17 years) or Adults (≥ 18 years) with Possible COVID-19

Updated 5/6! DSHS – Guidance for Persons with Confirmed cases that are Isolated at home 

NEW 5/12 DSHS Guidance for Persons Isolated at Home (Spanish) 

3/31! CDC - ICD-10-CM Official Coding Guidelines - Supplement Coding encounters related to COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

 3/31! Novitas - Accelerated and Advance Payment Request Guidance and Form for Providers

3/31! CMS – Fact Sheet: Expansion of the Accelerated and Advance Payments Program

UPDATED 5/8! DSHS - Non-Test-Based Strategy for Releasing Cases and Contacts from Home Isolation and Quarantine

3/30! CMS COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

 3/30! CDC - Healthcare Professionals: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers…

FAQs on Telehealth and HIPAA during the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency


NEW ^ Template Example of an Essential Critical Workforce Personnel Designation

UPDATED! Home Health Guidance on Coronavirus - CDC

WEBINAR ! HHSC HCSSA Regulatory Relief; COVID-19 Guidance; March 23.

WEBINAR ! HHSC HCSSA Regulatory Relief; COVID-19 Guidance; March 24.

WEBINAR - Infectious Disease Update COVID-19

NEW! HHSC General Provider Checklist – COVID-19

Home Care for patients with suspected novel coronavirus infection - WHO

Fact Sheet for Healthcare providers

Fact Sheet for Patients

COVID-19 Local Health Entities – Texas

Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers

Implementation of Mitigation Strategies for Communities with Local COVID-19 Transmission…

Steps to take care of yourself at home

HIPAA and COVID 19 Limited HIPAA Waiver Bulletin 508

Testing Information for Healthcare Professionals

Information for Healthcare Professionals…

Strategies for optimizing the supply of N95 respirators

Criteria for health care workers under isolation for return to work

Interim guidance for Discontinuation of Home Isolation for Persons with COVID-19

Interim Guidance for Discontinuation of In-Home Isolation for Immunocompromised Persons with COVID-19

Temporary Enforcement Guidance Issued regarding Fit Testing during COVID-19 outbreak

Member Only Resources

New! 4/15 COVID-19 State Flexibility Update Webinar & Handouts!

New 4/16 COVID-19: Home Health & Hospice: Keep the Cash Flowing

Teletherapy Toolkit

Medicaid STAR Kids MCO Teletherapy

TAHC&H Member’s Daily News Updates COVID19

CARES Act Webinar + Handouts

Education & Forms

4/16 Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) COVID-19 Education Resources

What you need to know about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) - Fact Sheet

What to do if you are sick with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) - Fact Sheet

Stop the Spread of Germs - Fact Sheet

CDC Webinar for Healthcare Professional

Healthcare Professional Preparedness Checklist for Transport and Arrival of Patients with Confirmed or Possible COVID-19

NEW! DSHS - COVID-19Contact Investigation Form (This form is directed for use by LHD’s, but would be a great tool for HHA internal tracking of potential or confirmed COVID cases) 

Patient Guide for COVID-19

Caregiver Guide for COVID-19

How to properly use PPE - Fact Sheet

COVID-19 Communication Tools

PUI Case Report Form

Getting Your Home Ready, FAQ’s for Individuals and Families…

Clinical Resources

Interim Clinical Guidance for Management of Patients with Confirmed Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

CDC recorded Teleconference -Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Update—What Clinicians Need to Know to Prepare for COVID-19 in the United States

COVID-19 Specimen Collection and Submission Instructions

Interim Criteria to Guide Testing of PUI for COVID-19

CDC Prevention & Treatment


CDC Situation Summary

WHO Situation Report

Texas Department of State Health Services

CDC Media Teleconference Briefings

Harris County Public Health

Austin Public Health Department

Dallas County Public Health

Tarrant County Public Health

San Antonio Public Health

El Paso Public Health


CDC Prevention & Treatment