Home Care & Hospice Month


Throughout the Lone Star State, dedicated health care professionals provide invaluable care to those suffering from illness or injuries. While many Texans receive this quality care in hospitals or other facilities, some need or prefer a more comfortable, intimate setting.  When this need arises, home care and hospice organizations are there to provide individualized and professional medical care and assistance to the elderly, disabled and chronically ill. These services are crucial for not only the valuable care they provide that helps their patients achieve a better quality of life but for the actual nature of that care, which offers the simple yet powerful comfort of a home setting.

During the month of November, we are highlighting home care and hospice as alternatives to hospitalization and other forms of institutional health care. It is a time to recognize the committed home care and hospice professionals who help their patients live every day to its fullest.

We encourage all Texans to learn more about home care and hospice options and to recognize the invaluable contributions of all Texas health care providers.  If you are a licensed home and community support services agency in Texas, then we encourage you to advance the ideas of home care and hospice throughout your community during this special month.  Click here to link to our Public Relations manual. It contains the following promotional materials which you may use:

  1. Media Relations Tips
  2. Press Release to be sent by TAHC&H office
  3. Sample Press Release
  4. Sample Fact Sheets (2)
  5. Sample Public Service Broadcast Announcements (PSAs)

TAHC&H has emailed a request to each County Judge in Texas and has sent a state proclamation from  Governor Abbott,  declaring November Home Care & Hospice Month in Texas.  As county proclamations come in, we will post on the county names on this page.

We wish you much success in your agency's planned celebrations!  Please send us information regarding your press releases, photos - anything we can use to spread the word! Please email or fax Becky Campbell at becky@tahch.org, or Helen Carrillo at helen@tahch.org or call us at (800) 880-8893 if you have any questions.

Participating Counties

I lost my wife of more than 46 years on June 24, 2016 to ALS.  Her last several years were very difficult; however, it was made more bearable because of the love and care of home care and hospice. All four of our parents were hospice patients and the end of life care that they received was filled with compassion by those that attended them. I have such great respect for Hospice for the ministry they perform and the dignity that they maintain for their patients. – Judge Don R. Allred, Oldham County

Brewster County
Hutchinson County