Administrator Program


Join us at this quality-centric learning experience for Licensed Home and Community Support Services Agencies (HCSSAs) and professionals involved in the provision of home health, hospice, personal assistant or habilitation services as well as others specialized in home care services such a home infusion, psychiatric, and in-home dialysis.

Standard Learning Program: Developed to comply with 40 TAC Ch. 558 rules related to the HCSSA Administrator’s responsibilities of implementing and supervising administrative polices and operations, administratively supervising the provision of services and obtaining required administrator education (558.259 & 558.260). Recommended for HCSSA Management Companies, HCSSA Consultants, Controlling Persons, including CEOs, COO, Owners, and Administrators, Managers, or Supervisors in training. 

Advanced Learning Program: Developed to advance skills, expand knowledge base, and improve organization-wide competency. Recommended for HCSSA Management Companies, HCSSA Consultants, Controlling Persons, including CEOs, COO, Owners, and Administrators. (558.260)


Monday, November 11

8:00am Registration Opens
9:00-10:00am A. Legislative Update
10:15-12:00pm B. Employment Law: What Employers Need to Know in 2020*
12:00-1:15pm Lunch
1:15-3:00pm 1a. HCSSA Regulatory Compliance for Administrators (Part 1)* 1b. Advanced Concepts in Risk Management: Advance Directives

3:15-5:15pm 2a. HCSSA Regulatory Compliance for Administrators (Part 2)* 2b. Advanced Concepts in Compliance: Preparing for the Inevitable – Best Practices for Investigating and Responding to HIPAA Security Incidents and Breaches 

Tuesday, November 12
7:30-8:15am Networking Breakfast
8:15-9:45am 3a. Complaint Investigation and Resolution: Managing Complaints* 3b. Advanced Concepts in Ethics: Resourceful Leadership
10:00-11:30am 4a. Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation: Agency Investigations* 4b. Advanced Concepts in Finance: Principles for Budgeting

11:30am-12:45pm Lunch

5a. Fraud, Waste and Abuse*

5b. Advanced Concepts in Business Development: Relationship Marketing


6a. Infection Control: Maintaining Regulatory Compliance through Excellent Clinical and Administrative Practice*

6b. Advanced Concepts in Compliance: Compliant Data Security

3:45-4:45pm 7a. Understanding Emergency Preparedness Business Continuity Plan Requirements* 7b. Advanced Concepts in Communication: Failure is Not an Option! How to Implement Strategies to Cultivate a Culture that Embraces Change

Wednesday, November 13

7:30-8:30am Networking Breakfast


Concurrent Tracks:
Track I: Medicare
- Review Choice Demonstration
- Operations, Budgeting, and Cash Flow Under PDGM

Track 2: All HCSSA's
- Keeping Cool, Calm, Collected, & Healthy When the Pressure is On
- Surviving & Thriving During Times of Great Change

Track 3: Hospice
- The Final Rule: Hospice Payment Rates and Quality Measures Defined, Reviewed and Applied
-Removing the Fear: Understanding the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and its Communication, Relationships, and Actions in the Hospice Industry


Early Rate
(rcvd by 10/18/19)
Regular Rate
Late Rate
(rcvd on/after 11/6/19)
Mon.-Tues. Program Mem. $350
NonMem. $550
Mem. $400
NonMem. $600
Mem. $450
NonMem. $650
Tues.-Wed. Program Mem. $300
NonMem. $500
Mem. $350
NonMem. $550
Mem. $400
NonMem. $600
Mon.-Wed. Program Mem. $425
NonMem. $625
Mem. $475
NonMem. $675
Mem. $525
NonMem. $725
Wed. Only Program Mem. $150
NonMem. $250
Mem. $200
NonMem. $300
Mem. $250
NonMem. $350




  • 3 Day Program: 17 clock hours
  • Mon-Tues Program: 13 clock hours
  • Tues-Wed Program: 10.5 clock hours
  • Wed. Only Program: 4 clock hours

Note:  All required topics for first time administrators/alternates are covered in this conference (sessions with * 97.259) Be sure to sign up any potential Administrator or Alternate you are preparing for the position.


  • 3 Day Program: 14.25 clock hours
  • Mon-Tues Program: 10.25 clock hours
  • Tues-Wed Program: 10.50 clock hours
  • Wed. Only Program: 4.0 clock hours 

Social Workers:

    • 3 Day Program: 9.25 clock hours
    • Mon-Tues Program: 9.25 clock hours
    • Tues-Wed Program: 5.5 clock hours
    • Wed. Only Program: 0 clock hours
    Cancellation Policy
    If you must cancel your reservation for any reason, notify TAHC&H, Attn: Shaun Boone via fax: (512) 338-9496 or email ( A 90% refund will be given if written request is received by 11/4/19. A 50% refund will be given if a written request is received 11/5/19 - 11/10/19. No refund will be made the day of the conference or after.