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A Franchise Member is defined as an organization with licensed home & community support service agencies (HCSSAs) granted the right to use its trademark or trade name.

The dues for the Franchise membership are based the same as our non-franchise provider membership.  Dues for TAHC&H provider members are based on the number of licensed parent(s) related.  A Franchise’s number of licensed HCSSA’s committed to TAHC&H membership determines the annual dues amount.

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Franchise Membership Pricing

Membership dues are based on the number of licensed parent(s) related and start at $1638 for one license and max out at $18,030.  The fees for a Franchise membership are based the same as our non-franchise provider membership. 

As an example, under the franchise membership, if there are 30 licensed franchisees in the State of Texas and only two wish to join under this membership category – the dues for each parent would be $1092.80 for a one year membership.  If all 30 decided to take advantage – the dues for each parent would be $418.86 for a one year membership. 

What’s important to note is that it is not mandatory that all commit to membership.  The above amount is based on the number of franchisees that decide to join – the rate will fluctuate (see dues structure below) depending on participation levels (e.g., if only 10 decide to join, the yearly rate will be $601).* 


Dues Structure 

  # Of Participating Franchises*

Full Payment on

Join/Renewal Date ($)





3 - 4


5 -7


8 – 10


11 – 14


15 – 20


21 – 30


31 – 40


41 – 50


51 +


*The number of participating Franchises determines the annual dues. 

75% of your Membership Dues are Deductible!

Contributions, dues or gifts to TAHC&H are an allowable expense for Medicare/Medicaid and may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses (subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities*). Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. Home Care Defense Fund contributions are not tax deductible since all funds are allocated to lobbying activities. 

*75% of your dues are deductible for 2022 with the remaining 25% of the dues going towards lobbying efforts which are non-deductible.

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